Prime Drive 

Flexible Business Software

Prime Drive is a software solution that fits your company’s needs. The system consists of a core system with possibilities for adjusting functions for varying needs in different industries and further customization for each company.


Customized for

your company and trade

The system consists of modules that are compounded to fit your company’s wants and needs. This creates an opportunity to make the system into exactly what your company needs. 



This module allows you to contact costumers through different channels. The module gives an overview of the contact with customers and the ability to plan and send different messages. 

  •  Communication by SMS, APP and e-mail

  • Send timed messages

  • Real time broadcast of messages

  • Distribution of offers


Two User Inter Faces

Primedrive consist of two user inter faces – the backoffice and the point of sale. Backoffice allows you to get a quick and simple overview of your company's data and transaction. The point of sale software is an app for both Android and IOS which is easy to handle and to work with. It is installed through Backoffice where you select the desired menus and buttons.

The software is available in a dark and a light edition, to fit your personal style. 





Stock Control

​​​Simple and accurate stock control, where you decide the degree of detail.





Create pop-up messages on selected devices to employees.


Real – time

On–going overview of registered data in the company.



The system can be integrated into your company’s financial system.


Time Recording

Get an overview of your employees’ time recording.


Data and modifications are automatically updated on all devices.

Experience Prime Drive

You have the opportunity to explore and experience Prime Drive before you purchasing the system. Here you can quickly get an overview of all features and how the system can create value for your business.


If you would like to know more about Prime Drive or our services, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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Prime Drive Business Software

Customized for your company and trade

Module Description

Point of view







Two Color Themes


Experience Prime Drive